A Worldwide Business

MILLION CARPETS AND TILES has 250 worldwide associates and suppliers. That makes it possible for us to acquire products our competitors cannot offer. No other Canadian company carries a wider stock. MILLION CARPETS AND TILES can satisfy all clients' requirements, anytime, anywhere. You find the very quality, selection, price, colour, texture and installation choices you're looking for. That's why, after 60 years of service and expertise, MILLION CARPETS AND TILES is the company that can best take care of all your floor coverings needs.

Stephen Skoda, owner of MILLION CARPETS AND TILES is now 75 years old. He's come up a long way since the Depression years, in the thirties, when he had only one store, located on Bleury, corner Ontario.

He went through the sixty years that followed acquiring the widest experience in the trade and using all his expertise to build his company, pausing only to join the Canadian Air Force during World War Two.

Today, there are four MILLION CARPETS AND TILES stores in Quebec and one in Newmarket, Ontario. The five stores have a total storage and selling capacity of more than 135,000 square feet.

Since 1959, the original MILLION CARPETS AND TILES store is located at 15 Bernard Street in Montreal. Stock, (an unbelievable choice from all over the world), occupies 13,000 square feet and clients come from all corners of the Province, country and even the United States.

To be able to do all his work, Stephen Skoda, still in good health, is now surrounded by his sons.

Mark, Director of Contract Marketing, Charles manages the store on Park Avenue, downtown; Joe takes care of the Laval store, one of the largest with its 45,000 square feet of showroom capacity; John manages the store on Bernard Street east in Montreal; Bob is the boss of the Lasalle facilities and Anthony administers the New Market Ontario store. The five MILLION CARPETS AND TILES stores have a total showroom and selling area of 135,000 square feet.

One of Stephen's brothers and nine of his thirteen children have also joined MILLION CARPETS AND TILES as managers and shareholders. The total number of employees and associates stands at sixty plus.

A simple visit to any of our MILLION CARPETS AND TILES stores will convince you that the Skodas have really created "The EMPIRE" of floor coverings. At MILLION CARPETS AND TILES, we always offer you a choice of efficient solutions.


At MILLION CARPETS AND TILES, we know floor coverings. We have been raised amongst them. We travel the world to buy our linoleum, carpets, vinyl tiles, hardwood and floating floors. We use our experience to satisfy each of our clients. As a result, we enjoy unique status in the industry.

We also know the importance of programming our installation facilities well in order to satisfy all our clients. Our teams are available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

At MILLION CARPETS AND TILES our business is your satisfaction.

Our commitment

To be No. 1 from selection to installation to all our customers, professionals and designers who seek perfection and longlasting satisfaction in their floor coverings.